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SociSynd Product Tour

All members of SociSynd have full access to videos that show every part of the system and walks you through the simple setup process. We've done our best to make everything very straight forward while not sacrificing performance and marketing options. Whether you are a marketing novice or pro, you should be able to get up and running quickly and start seeing results in no time. SociSynd control all the features of the "crowd marketing" system automatically. Below are some highlights of our system.


Increase Social Signals:

Simply select the Social Signal type, and enter the url you would like to send the Social Signals. Currently Supporting...

  • Facebook Like & Shares
  • Pinterest Likes and Repins
  • Twitter Retweets
  • Tumblr Reblogs
  • LinkedIn Shares
  • Folkd Up Vote


You can also benefit from the Unique Google search and click as well as web hits increaser which assists in sending Google the right signals, increases your rankings and reduces your bounce rate.

Content Syndication & Backlinks

Content Syndication & High PR Backlinks:

Syndicate your content to Over 25 different Social Connections using thousands of Unique Social Accounts that belong to the SociSynd Community. These accounts are posted by using your ISP level IP's which means it's tied to a real user.

Each syndication gets promoted and pinged to ensure everything gets indexed and counted.

Auto Promotion Using RSS Feeds:

Want to promote each post that you make to your blog automatically?

Just add your RSS feed into the system, and each time you post to your own blog then your posts will be promoted automatically.

Rss Feed Promotion

Manage Multiple Promotions:

Create multiple campaigns and posts while managing them with ease.

Control which promotions get syndicated more then others. Take control and grow your social presence as quickly or step by step as you prefer.

Social Media Campaigns
Article post

Create Article Posts:

Just add the URL you want to promote, enter your tags, and select a category from our list. SociSynd will use a 75% unique article for your submissions ensuring a high quality relevant link back that will send targeted traffic.

Create Your Own Posts:

Want to take more control and enter your own titles and descriptions for syndication?

SociSynd provides 3 ways of creating posts. Add your own articles, choose from ours or auto promote via Rss feeds.

View Social Metrics:

Track Social Signal progress for your URLs, and see how they start to increase. Pull the latest social signal count for every post you create.

Social Media Metrics

Track Social Progress:

Track the social progress for any campaign by seeing how many submissions have been made to each social media account type.

Social Media tracking


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