December 8, 2014

Social Media & Marketing

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The social media has revolutionized advertising and marketing tends in the world today. With many people using the social media to interact and meet new people, it has become the richest place one can advertise and get to target audience without straining. Some of the leading social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter among others have allowed used to advertise in their platforms, thus boosting product and brand visibility online. This makes the social media & marketing go hand in hand in this era.

The social media has a great impact on the latest online marketing trends in that, most of the online traffic resonates from the same.

Social Media & MarketingMany people today use the social media as a knowledge base, and a place where they can ask for opinions before that can purchase anything. This means advertising on this platform paves way for even greater ventures and visibility. Search engine optimization continues to make a major impact on product and brand awareness/visibility online. Social media marketing however plays a big role in how websites are ranked by google among other search engines. This implies that, using the social media to advertise your products has many benefits as well. Social media & marketing online should therefore be considered when implementing SEO strategies.

Other relation between the social media & marketing comes with investment plans. Gone are the days when marketers had to spend thousands of money for advertisement campaigns. The social media has made it possible for every entrepreneur to reach out to target audience without spending much. This is because advertising on Facebook and Twitter is free, meaning anyone can use it to promote his/her products. The returns on investment recorded from using this medium are therefore much higher than when people used to use TV and Radio media to advertise. This has therefore made it possible for business entrepreneurs to reach to their customers much easier hence increasing profitability.

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